A Man Was Found Dead In A Hotel After Doing 9 Rounds

A Stranger was found dead in his room in a Hotel after taking too much drugs for sex,The Unknown Man was found lying dead in his room and after Police Investigation it was believed to have take too much drugs for him to make a long sex time with his Girlfriend

The Girlfriend when investigated by the Policemen she disclosed that before he die he make more than 8 rounds of sex with her after taking some drugs

She continue to say that she doesn’t know him he just bring her from a lodge to the hotel for an all night service


Nowadays some people especially the Youths have the habit of taking some drugs or even Traditional herbs for them to take a long time having sex with their partners

Doctors have warn men from the excess taking of drugs for sex,stating that through that habit they can take themselves into a dangerous situation that may lead them some time not be able to give birth anymore

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