End Of Banditry In Zamfara State As Government Rescued Students Of GDSS Kaura

The latest student to be kidnapped In Nigeria are the students of Government Day Secondary School Kaura Namoda,they were kidnapped in August by the Bandits terrorising the State of Zamfara In the last 10 Years

The Zamfara State Government under the Leadership of Governor Bello Matawalle are Joining hands with security Personnels in their efforts to rescue the innocent students from the hands of their Kidnappers

Finally the Students of Government Secondary School Kaura Namoda has been rescued form their Abductors on 12 September and were received by theĀ  Governor In Gusau The State Capital

In the State Government effort to bring the end of Banditry in the State,Security Personnels were deployed in all the areas that are affected by the heartless attacks of the Bandits

Network in the State was disabled to Deny any Communication between Informers and The Bandits,The Governor last week disclose that he receive an order from the Top asking him to reverse his decision of cancellation of Network lines In The State,Saying he will not reverse his decision and will not leave the State till when the Security Personnels deployed in the State has complete displacing the people terrorising Zamfara State

Abducting of School Students is not a new thing especially in The Northern Part of the Country as States like Kaduna,Katsina, Kebbi and Zamfara has witnessed the Kidnapping of Hundreds of Students

We wish that the Nigerian Army to succeed in their Operation to wipe out those heartless people that didn’t want the Peaceful Co Existence of Zamfara and we will continue to support them with all possible means

– Governor Bello Matawalle

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