Feezy Biography, Age And Contacts

Abdullahi Abdulhafiz Also Known As Feezy is a renowned musician born on 15 September 1997 in the City Of Kaduna,Kaduna State Of Nigeria,he was part of a Group Of Talented Musicians Representing North Side Of Nigeria In Terms Of Music

Abdullahi Abdulhafiz

Feezy was born and raised in Kaduna,he started school since when he is 6 Years Old After his Primary And Secondary School Education he went to Kaduna State University KASU For his Tertiary Education and he get a Credit In his field of Study

Abdullahi Abdulhafiz

Some of his Popular Songs were Anfara Physics,Da So Samune,Girma,Amin,Duk Abin Da Zai Faru Ya Faru And Others,All of the mentioned songs,he featured alongside his fellow YNS Members if not An Fara Physics

He can be Contacted through his social media handles like Instagram @feeizey Twitter@feeizey Facebook@feeizey and Other Social Media

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