Five Things To Know About The Former Afghanistan Minister Turns Delivery Man

Been a Minister is not an easy task in this Country as Government look for an Experienced Person to be given a role to look after a particular Ministry

Sayed Sadaat 

This is a story of Former Afghanistan Minister Of Communication Sayed Sadaat who turn to delivery man in Lieferendo  eastern Leipzig

Sayed On Duty

Below are five things you need to know about him

1 He Is Afghanistan Minister Of  Communication For Two Years

2 He Holds Degree On IT and Telecommunications

3 He Quits his Job as Minister when he had disagreement with some Government Officials

4 He Also Hold British Citizenship

5 He Now Work For Lieferendo a Food delivery  Company in Leipzig were he spend Six Hours Daily,Delivering Food

The first few days were exciting but difficult,” he said, describing the challenge of learning to cycle in the city traffic.

The more you go out and the more you see people, the more you learn,” he said.

– Sayed Sadaat

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