KARANBANA:The Village That Make Subscription To Bandits To Leave In Peace

A Village Located In Northern Part Of Mariga Local Government In Niger State,it is the boarder of Niger State And Kebbi State

Occupied by More Than 10,000 Inhabitants That Marely Made Farming There Source of Income,You Can Hardly See A Man In Karanbana That Is Not A farmer,only few Are In Business Sector

In 2020 Bandits Entered the Peaceful Village on their Bikes Shouting and Shooting Their Ak47 Riffles In The Air,They Shot Some And Kidnapped Women And Children That Were Believed To Be More Than 80

People Running For Their Lives

They Said They Don’t Need Any Money To Be Paid As Ransom They Only Need To Displaced The Village,That They Don’t Want To See The Village Existing Anymore

Later They Changed Their mind And Release Their Victims After Collecting More Than 50 Million Naira From Their Loved Ones

Since Then Thesame Kidnappers Are Collecting More Than 20 Million Each Year From The Village To Let Them Live In Peace,On Sunday 2 January 2022 The Bandits Send A Letter To The Village Head That They Have Finished Up 2021 Subscription,They Have To Renew It If They Want To Live Peacefully

The Poor People Have Nothing To Do Than To Park And Leave Their Beloved Shelter Since They Do Not Have What The Bandits Requested From Them

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