The Backwardness Of Insecurity In My Region

Kebbi State is one of the Most Peaceful State in Northern Nigeria though they are bordered with Zamfara,Katsina And Niger States Were some series of Bandits attacks has been recorded in months ago with several Abductions of Students In Government Girls Secondary School in  Jangebe  And Government Secondary School Maradun In Zamfara State,Kagara And Tegina Students In Niger State while in Katsina State Students Of a Secondary School Were Abducted by Bandits In Kankara

In Kebbi State Also Students Were Kidnapped In Federal Government College Birnin Yauri which is the first of it’s kind in the 30 Years History of the State,But In Southern Part Of The State from which I come from things are getting out of hands as we  Have been recording loses and deaths of innocent Citizens due to the heartless attacks by Bandits

Not more than three months a Police DPO was shot dead alongside his fellow Galant officers on duty in Sakaba Local Government and several villages has become history in Danko Wasagu Local Government,IDP Camps in Wasagu And Bena Community were full of migrants who flew from their Burnt Huts in the village and trek to the City to look for a peaceful Life

Some of those People in The Camps have lost there loved ones who were killed by the Unknown Gunmen, Though The State Government have tried it’s best by deploying Security Personnels in the Regions,There are huge work to do in other to restore the Peaceful Co Existence of those communities.

In My Village many people have been Abducted for ransom,as some have been freed some are still in the hands of their abductors for Months,for your love ones to be free their is a specific amount of money which the abductors will request form you as the family of the abductee

In Most times they request a huge amount of money from the victims family which they may not afford,which lead to the murder of the abductee or any Person that was sent to deliver less than the requested money

If such heartless people will be leaving in peaceful mind in the Forest while abducting those who went to the farm or even coming to the City abducting those they think has the money to pay for ransom,that means we need an urgent help from the Government so that we can sleep with two eyes and harvest what we already planted in our Farms

The Presence of Security Personnels is not a barrier for the Ak 47 riffle holders that attack us in Day and Night,their actions make our peace loving people to take arms to protect themselves from the daily attacks

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