Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actresses In 2022

Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actresses In 2022

Who is the most richest Kannywood actress is one of the most frequently Asked Questions by Kannywood fans.Kannywood Actresses are no doubt making it from acting. Some of them are even leaving expensive and luxurious lifestyle.

Asides acting, these Kannywood Actresses have other side hustle like businesses where they make good money.

After several argument on which actress is the richest, nort went on research and finally made a comprehensive list of the top 10 Richest Kannywood Actresses In 2022.Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau is the most richest Kannywood actress in Nigeria. She grew up in Kaduna State.

The Kannywood actress did her education in the state before proceeding higher to further her education.

She has been in the industry for long, Rahama Sadau is among the best Kannywood actress who has appeared in both Nollywood and Bollywood movies.

Maryam Musa Waziri

Maryam Musa Waziri is such an amazing actress. She likes traveling, fashion and acting.

The Bauchi State actress is also among the richest Kannywood Actresses we have in this country. When she isn’t acting then you will see her in Dubai enjoying and spending her money.

Nafisat Abdullahi

Nafisat Abdullahi is a renowned actress in the Hausa Movie Industry. Her popularity started years ago but she is still remember for roles in Labarina.

She is the third richest on this list. Nafisat lives a luxurious and flamboyant lifestyle Too. infact the beautiful Kannywood actress loves fashion.

Hadiza Gabon

Who doesn’t know Hadiza Gabon? She is a talented Kannywood actress in Nigeria. Hadiza came from Gabon to Nigeria where is Kickstarter her acting journey.

She is a graduate, Ambassador of different Make up products in Nigeria. these list would have been incomplete without including her name.

Maryam Booth

Maryam Booth came from a Rich family. She is currently one of the most beautiful Kannywood actresses in Nigeria.

Maryam is the number five richest Kannywood Actresses on this list.

Fati Washa

Fati Washa is not just an outstanding actress, she is a household name in the industry. Fati is indeed talented in acting and also amongst the richest in Kannywood.

Halima Atete

Halima Atete is an award Winning Nigerian Kannywood actress from the Hausa filmmaking industry. Halima Atete made this list too.

Jamila Nagudu

Jamila Nagudu is not a new or strange name in Kannywood. She has made name for herself in Nigeria. Her personality are expectional. Jamila Nagudu is the eight richest actress.

Hafsat Idris

Hafsat Idris is another beautiful Kannywood actress who made it on the list of richest Kannywood actress. Her limelight began after her appearance in a movie called “Barauniya”

Momee Gombe

Momme Gomee is the last on this list. She is an upcoming lovely actress from Gombe State. Momee Gombe is Loved by many Kannywood lovers for her talent, skills and experience in acting.

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